Tahoe Recharge


Tahoe has never really been one of my favorite places, despite some better than epic powder days and snow that falls in feet and not inches. There’s always something dark and foreboding about Tahoe. Maybe it’s the massive tram lines filled with aggressive locals and their “I’m way more badass than you” chips resting firmly on their shoulders; or those dark dense pines that stand thick and tall, unchanged by the seasons, barely letting light onto the forest floor. It’s just something; a dark, wet feeling I can’t quite identify.

20130912-202500.jpgBut after my first autumn adventure, Tahoe is officially growing on me. We hiked up moon like landscapes of steely granite rock and wandered through wind-scoured trees with twisted, sun-bleached branches in search of secluded mountain lakes perfect for icing our trail weary legs. We sipped rum-soaked blended cocktails on the lakeside beaches, cherishing the last few days of summery goodness and the pink sunsets that go with them. And then we did it all over again the next day on different trails with different lakes but that same awesome feeling that comes with days well spent.

20130912-202628.jpgAlyssa and Colie passing Eagle Lake on the way to Lower Velma.


Perfect swimming holes that give you just the right amount of Goosebumps to be warmed in the summer sun.

20130912-202759.jpgWeathered trees and friends in need of icy cold cocktails.

20130912-202720.jpgChamber’s Punch is almost as refreshing as Lake Tahoe.20130912-202702.jpgSo yeah, Tahoe is starting to growing on me…

xoxo t

PS. Miss Nicole Dreon is the hostess with the mostest…as in pancakes for breakfast, big family dinners, crispy white linens and the kind of lady who drives her two friends all around Tahoe for this and that and to Reno and back too. She’s also and amazing photog so you should give her photos a looksy. http://www.nicoledreon.com/

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