Escape to Dog Mountain

20131028-102348.jpgMade an afternoon escape to Dog Mountain with Lisa, Jennifer and Lefty yesterday as the first cold rains of winter decided to fall on the Northwest. In other drier places, like Colorado or California, one might postpone such a trip. Wait for the rain to pass or the sun to shine, but this is the Northwest and the rain clouds are settling in for winter, so it might be a while. And besides, Northwesty people don’t balk at a little rain, they mock umbrellas and consider cotton hoodies suitable rain gear, so we put on our most waterproof jeans and climbed up into the rain. 20131028-103345.jpgWe had hopes of catching  a glimpse or two of the gorge or Mt. Hood with a fresh dusting of snow on its peak but settled for a socked in, sopping wet, steep as fook 3-mile climb through a misty, moss covered forest. We strained our eyes staring into the dense, fast moving fog looking for bits and pieces of the familiar shapes of pines and peaks and perspective, every now and again getting a window of clarity and breathtaking peek at the world below.

20131028-102331.jpgWe oohed and aahed and talked and talked and returned to the car three hours later soaking wet and chilled to the bone.20131028-103426.jpg20131028-103438.jpgHeadwinds, fog and rain. Winter is coming.20131028-113541.jpg

Jen and Lisa and me and Lefty too. You gotta have a dog on Dog Mountain, right?!

xo t


2 thoughts on “Escape to Dog Mountain

  1. i LOVE the PNW in the fall. so misty and mysterious – like you’re living in a Stephen King novel… gorgeous pics!

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