Dew Tour….Olympic Style

20131216-073824.jpgThe much anticipated Olympic season has finally, officially, Olympically kicked off with the Dew Tour. Now the Dew Tour is always the cobweb dusting off event of the season, where all that summertime shredding and those off-season workouts are put to the test on the icy, windy jumps and pipe of Breckenridge, Colorado. Only this season we’ve turned the usual early season stressfest into the first Olympic qualifying event for the US (multiple that stress by like a bajillion). Despite the visible pressure sitting firmly on most people’s shoulders, some of the shredders landed some solid stand-by runs and a handful of heavy hitters landed some progressive end of the season runs -notably Mark McMorris triple corking a victory lap.20131216-073802.jpg

Greg Bretz cooly and calmly crushed the pipe contest and a not-so flawless and kinda tired looking Shaun White mustered up the strength for second. It’s easy to sit back and hate on Shaun and be all like “so you’re human after all” and all that bullshit the drunk guy standing behind me at the bottom of the pipe kept yelling but let’s face it most mortals wouldn’t be able to practice everyday for a week in both slope and pipe, win qualifiers for both, slam pretty effing hard on their face and knees and then gain their composure (as the world collectively marvels that you just fell in a contest run, egad) and then go back up to the top and land a double Mctwist 1260.  I mean for reals, he not all that human he’s just a little tired.20131216-074458.jpg

In the ladies, the usual suspects nabbed the top spots with Jamie, Enni, Torah and Kelly landing to-be-expected top-notch runs in slope and pipe. Mega kudos to the slope ladies for riding in the end of the day December darkness….one of these days they’re gonna  hold a women’s slope contest in broad daylight instead of this dusk or dawn bullshit they get away with year after year and who knows, maybe they’ll even show women’s snowboarding on TV (GASP). 20131216-074035.jpgBut the real story in women’s shred this week is Miss Chloe Kim…this thirteen year-old wonder kid is pretty darn amazing. She easily stepped onto the podium in pipe finals and damn near won qualifiers with the biggest airs of the contest and a solid looking McTwist crippler combo and a pair of huge sevens. Luckily for the older ladies of American shred this whipper snapper isn’t eligible for the Olympics for another two years so they can just focus on beating each other til next time. It’s pretty interesting how these Olympic seasons quickly become about beating your fellow countryman for the opportunity to represent your country. This weekend we saw a lot of super happy second and fourth place finishers who were just glad to beat their teammates….oh the Olympics.20131216-073955.jpg

I’ll be standing around all season watching the Olympic awesomeness unfold, crossing my fingers that all the peeps land their runs and continuing to be amazed at the progression of shred. Updates on twitter, the gram and maybe even a few more of these sassy entries too.

xo t


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