Favorite X Games Moments 2014

X Games bitches.jpgIt’s been just about a week or maybe more since the lights went out on X Games in Aspen and I still feel compelled to write about it. Amazing feats of acrobatic shred went down with tons of dudes landing triple cork 14s and 16s (uhmm…that’s like a lot of rotations) and a couple of the slope ladies tried to double down and all that. Kelly, Lindsey and Nate added another X Games gold to each of their collections doing what they do best. But a week later, as we set up for our Olympic fan out, here are the snippets of X that still make me happy.

©2014 ChrisWellhausen.com / All Rights ReservedNumber 1, Danny Davis winning his first X Games gold. (image stolen from Chris Wellhausen)

Uhmmm, hello. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Snowboarding needs Danny Davis. He makes snowboarding look fun…really, really fun and after the past few months of homies battling tooth and nail for their Olympic dreams we need him more than ever. He even makes double corks look fun and lets face it most of the dudes landing those bad boys don’t look like they’re having all that much fun (not judging, just saying…I don’t even want to do two flips into a pile of marshmellows never mind ten feet out over an icy halfpipe). Anyhoo, I hope he rides his switch-method-train-o-fun all the way to the Olympics and back with more medals and fans and the stuff Olympic dreams are made of just for keeping the awesomeness in shred.

Gretchen Bleier X Goodbye.jpgNumber 2, Gretchen Bleiler bidding X Games adieu under the lights in her hometown.

Watching Gretchen take her last few runs of her X Games career was pretty dang special. Tears of I don’t know what welled up inside me…pride for how far she’s come since her eye injury in the last two years, sadness at the end of an era, joy for the beginning of the next…still not sure what exactly what it was that got me misty, but watching Gretchen put an exclamation point on an amazing competitive career, in front of the town that supported her every step of the way, at an event she defined for a decade is something pretty special, so tears seem appropriate….so does champagne, so cheers GB, now let’s ride powder!

beam me up.jpgNumber 3, Leaving the Target party early

X Games is an all day, all night affair so if you plan on eating dinner, having a drink or two with industry friends or celebrating at all you’re most likely going to stumble home at some ungodly more-like-morning-less-like-night hour. In all my X Games of the past, I did just that, waking up Monday morning after X like some sort of Zombie from the Walking Dead. Not this year, (hooray for me) I went out and danced and played but I also got my ass home before the amazingly awesome staff at the Target house or Escobar or Sky or wherever had to gently remind me and my crazy crew of  loud, dance machine friends that it was indeed time to go. And a week later I’m still grateful for those extra hours of sleep I got. Getting old is awesome.

xoxo t

PS. Going home early makes getting up for this so much easier20140203-184548.jpg

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