The Glory Days of Shred

DSC_0181Last weekend, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Tom Sims Retro World Championship of Snowboarding at Soda Springs. Granted, I showed up as the last of the legends were sessioning the hand dug halfpipe, only catching a few vintage airs from the last riders charging slushie highway hits but I saw enough to realized I’d totally blown it by not showing up earlier and shredding with the legends of my youth. Terry Kidwell and Chris Roach (who basically motivated a younger version of myself to get radical in the 90s) were milling about in Sims attire circe 1980-something. Palmer was there riding a Sims Switchblade with an old school Coors bib tied to his chest and Laurie Aspers was in spandex….and a flashy, pink, diamond-encrusted, thong, of course.DSC_0177

Chirs Roach keeping it old school stylie.

People were tweaking roast beefs and Japans on a schmattering of old boards from Burton Backhills to Barfoots and Morrows and I saw more old dudes on Snurfers rip past me than I’ve ever seen in my life. Beer was pounded by the twelve pack, twenty year-old rivalries reared their heads in the parking lot and all of that nostalgic goodness was floating about. It felt a lot like stepping into the magazine pages and posters of my youth, except everyone looked a bit more hagged with bit less hair.20140402-104626.jpg

It was also pretty dang awesome, funny and fitting that the same day this vintage showdown in a  five-foot high hand-dug ditch was going down the first ever 22-foot double pipe with all of today’s heavy-hitting halfpipe jocks was happening too. A happy coincidence that the full spectrum of halfpipe snowboarding from its beer swilling, florescent past to its hyper-focused, stunt monkey-ing of today was all converging on the same day. A little glimpse at how much the sport has grown and  snapshot of the ridiculousness of snowboarding past and present.20140331-094018.jpgDanny Davis and Mark McMorris opted out of double pipin’ madness to shred with legends like Hachett, Chantery, BK and Palmer.

DSC_0180Delany and Palmer battling it out for the overall….just like in the 90s.

20140402-104703.jpgThe future? Photo: Thomas O’Brien

xoxo t

Extra special thanks to Rick Shimpeno for his epic old school shred photos above and his radical shred moves on a 1990 Morrow with what appears to be a 15 inch stance below. rick_shimpeno_method_tackittphoto

Check out the full lowdown from Tim Peare on Snowboard Magazine.

One thought on “The Glory Days of Shred

  1. Hey Trish…loved this blog
    ! Susie shot a photo of the whole gang at the Red Bull Double Pipe if you want to add that to your article! I was too far away to get it with my super de duper android phone camera….!

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