May Showers

Road to Meadows.jpg

Spring is a funny thing. I’d spent most of April in Northern California, remembering to put sunscreen on and bring water on hot afternoon hikes and just when I was getting the hang of sunny spring days, I went to Oregon and was quickly reminded that spring can sometimes look a lot like winter. Like a lot, a lot. We were met with full on freezing cold, blustery-as-all-hell winter and had to take an extra 15 minutes in the parking lot just to brace for impact and the harsh cold reality of winter in May . In all fairness, it was fun to have a few bonus pow slashes in and to remember that wintertime stoke but, ya know, my feet had forgotten what it felt like to be cold. #wha20140513-131916.jpg

But in classic Oregon fashion, the storm blew away, the sun came out and the webcast for Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 18 went off with T-bird and Java testing the wit of the shredders around the globe and the following day I spent peeling off layers in Portland marveling at the 80degree heat. I wrote a full report on my new favorite blogging app, Steller, with fancy flipping pages and all sorts of fun bells and whistles. Y’all should check it out.

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