East Coast Visit

IMG_5628For the first time in a long time, I went back east in the middle of summer and I enjoyed every hot, humid, muggy moment. I wasn’t the biggest fan of looking like a glazed donut from May to September when I lived back east but being back there this time around made me appreciate the climate. Everything felt alive. Green things growing right in front of our eyes like those time lapse photos in science class and how  you can feel the heat and heaviness of thunderstorm brewing air, practically resting on your shoulders. There is nothing quite like the KABOOM of an east coast thunderstorm and how it resets the world in a few stormy seconds.

IMG_5689But what I enjoyed most was seeing my family in action. Visiting my dad’s studio, taking a trip to the NYC to see Mia’s hilarious reality TV mockumentary on the big screen, watching Jake’s baseball games,  and seeing Lilah in the thick of medical school applications (uhmm, no thanks).

Mia as Tati in Sad Girl’s Club Season 4



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