Back To Breck

chloe_kim_womens_snb_pipe_practice_breckenridge_dew_tour_crosland-6290Chloe Kim crushing Dew Tour circa right effin now.
I’m headed to Breck for the Dew Tour and have that awesome back to school feeling, excitement to see old friends, new outfits, and what everyone did all summer. Which thanks to social media it looks like everyone learn triples, quads and how to spin like a frickin top. It’s December and another Olympic season, so the snowboarding and freeskiing gang is making it’s annual journey to the motherland.

T_Basich88_03_fawcettTina Basich. Photo Bud Fawcett.
While Aspen owns my heart, I’ve got a soft spot for Breckenridge. In 1988 when I was still a middle school skier I tagged along with my big brother Doug and his best friend Mike on my first Colorado trip to the World Championships of Snowboard. These were the early days of shred and I saw first hand Shaun Palmer in his American Flag bandana slay the halfpipe with fury and angst and Tina Basich terrorize the bump contest….yes, moguls were a thing in the early days of snowboarding which Thank. Effing. Gawd. that trend stopped because…knees…and few snowboarders look good hammer-timing it through a field of thigh high moguls.

Sanders89_08_fawcettDamian Sanders 80s. Photo: Bud Fawcett. Sidenote: My brother had a poster of Damian Sanders on his wall crushing it in spandex and I thought, “I want to be better than that girl someday”, only to discover later that Damian was not a lady shredder at all.

That trip to Breck inspired me to want to join the day-glo, wild anti-establishment snowboard tribe. Breck felt like a playground for snowboarders. I remember driving into town and seeing snowboarders riding off the roof of an A Frame hitting a most sketchy jump feature and I was sold. Breck. Was. The. Shit. These place, despite its world famous howling winds and freezing temps still holds a space place in my heart, I climbed the snowboarding ranks here, cut my teeth and my face learning tricks in this perfect but often times bulletproof halfpipe and 14 years after my first trip to Breck I was named to the Olympic team in this town. And now, December of 2017, I get to stand on the sidelines of the Dew Tour and watch another generation of snowboarders do the same. It’s good to be a part of this tribe.


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