Ummm yeah. I’m a sassy and sometimes snappy wanna be redhead who has a mild obsession with…Pee Wee Herman, finger puppets, a unicorn named Eugene and the act of snowboarding. So yeah, it’s cool.

PS….typos, run on sentences and poor grammar are part of my charm.

Contact me at triciabyrnes7@gmail.com


11 thoughts on “About

  1. coo tricia that you have this page i had a flick through the pages and it makes me miss hanging out with your beautiful redheaded snappy ways.. xxxxx

  2. Hey Trish, thinking of you as Olympics draw near and Googled up to your site. Fun!!

    If you are in Durango, email me. My daughter, Laurie, just moved there. I hope to get out there soon. Good luck in whatever you are working on.


    Bev and Alan

  3. Hi Trish!
    It’s Craig… shoot me an email!
    Jill and I were watching you in Aspen this past weekend….I’m really jealous of your lifestyle!!!!!

    Talk to you soon

  4. Hey, I stumbled across your blog and loved the content. It could be a cool thing to incorporate into my iPhone app for snowboarders. I gave you a link so check it out and let me know if your interested. Keep up the good work,

    Dave and Boarder Lounge

  5. hey girl,

    so after all that, I don’t have YOUR cell! Ry wants to use your name in a promo on KSPN for his show and wants to know how to refer to you? Redhead wanna be who loves Pee Wee Herman?

    text me your info & email.
    also become a fan of Saturday Apres Live on Facebook!


  6. Great writing and POV – would love for you to contribute posts to WomenTalkSports.com. Check us out and get in touch if you want to work with the top online network for women in sport. Cheers!

  7. Feel the Byrnes is awesome and I love your style. Have fun in France, take lots of pixs, and come home soon. xxoo

  8. Hi Tricia,
    I am a sports photographer breaking up my archives and have some real cool shots of you from the 2000 Goodwill games. I am selling my images back to the athletes so if you are interested email me at: mjfinalshot@aol.com


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