I’m embarking on a huge project to digitize all 100 high8 and miniDV tapes of my father’s that have been baking and freezing in our attics and basements for a good 30 years now. Not only is the volume HUGE but spending days soaking in the sites and sounds of the 80s and 90s is like living in a time capsule.

You know everything as if you’re still there and yet it all feels so, so, so long ago. You have that 20/20 hindsight thing; knowing how the story unfolds, how the dreams you had did or didn’t pan out and your parents, friends and peers seem so freaking young. That’s some old people perspective right there.  Anyway, I’m gonna be sharing these vintage shred ones on my YouTube channel for anyone who wants to follow along and have a good laugh at the dayglo outfits, amazing hair and the pipes that were little more than crumbling icy chunk wall mounds.

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